Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (IIT Madras) by M. Ramakrishna

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source: nptelhrd      2015年3月30日
Aerospace - Introduction to CFD by Prof M. Ramakrishna, Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction, Why and how we need computers 47:54
Lec-02 Representing Arrays and functions on computers 40:51
Lec-03 Representing functions - Box functions 47:45
Lec-04 Representing functions - Polynomials & Hat functions 53:34
Lec-05 Hat functions, Quadratic & Cubic representations 50:27
Lec-06 Demo - Hat functions, Aliasing 50:58
Lec-07 Representing Derivatives - finite differences 50:44
Lec-08 Finite differences, Laplace equation 49:32
Lec-09 Laplace equation - Jacobi iterations 50:12
Lec-10 Laplace equation - Iteration matrices 51:18
Lec-11 Laplace equation - convergence rate 33:01
Lec-12 Laplace equation - convergence rate Continued 30:23
Lec-13 Demo - representation error, Laplace equation 50:57
Lec-14 Demo - Laplace equation, SOR 50:56
Lec-15 Laplace equation - final, Linear Wave equation 51:24
Lec-16 Linear wave equation - Closed form & numerical solution, stability analysis 50:46
Lec-17 Generating a stable scheme & Boundary conditions 51:34
Lec-18 Modified equation 51:11
Lec-19 Effect of higher derivative terms on Wave equation 51:34
Lec-20 Artificial dissipation, upwinding, generating schemes 51:48
Lec-21 Demo - Modified equation, Wave equation 51:06
Lec-22 Demo - Wave equation / Heat Equation 50:03
Lec-23 Quasi-linear One-Dimensional. wave equation 31:32
Lec-24 Shock speed, stability analysis, Derive Governing equations 51:50
Lec-25 One-Dimensional Euler equations - Attempts to decouple 51:06
Lec-26 Derive Eigenvectors, Writing Programs 52:14
Lec-27 Applying Boundary conditions 50:53
Lec-28 Implicit Boundary conditions 51:12
Lec-29 Flux Vector Splitting, setup Roe’s averaging 51:13
Lec-30 Roe’s averaging 51:59
Lec-31 Demo - One Dimensional flow 51:34
Lec-32 Accelerating convergence - Preconditioning, dual time stepping 52:41
Lec-33 Accelerating convergence, Intro to Multigrid method 53:33
Lec-34 Multigrid method 53:31
Lec-35 Multigrid method - final, Parallel Computing 52:16
Lec-36 Calculus of Variations - Three Lemmas and a Theorem 52:37
Lec-37 Calculus of Variations - Application to Laplace Equation 50:56
Lec-38 Calculus of Variations -final & Random Walk 52:39
Lec-39 Overview and Recap of the course 53:47

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