A Question of Law and Wealth

source: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 2016年3月4日
Date: Wednesday 2 March 2016
Time: 6.30-8pm
Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House
Speakers: Professor Jonathan Fisher, Dr Eva Micheler, Professor Niamh Moloney, Dr Joseph Spooner
Chair: Dr Emmanuel Melissaris

The law plays a crucial part in the creation, proliferation, and distribution of wealth. Through private law institutions such as contract and property, but also through the criminal law (consider the numerous offences pertaining to wealth, such theft, fraud, money laundering) the law creates and regulates the categories making possible the exclusive relations between us and the world. In doing so the law also, at least indirectly, shapes social relations.
Questions of wealth creation and distribution have become particularly urgent since the beginning of the ongoing financial crisis. This also puts to the question the way in which law regulates wealth. Are corporations and financial markets sufficiently regulated? Is it even possible to regulate them by law? What protection does the law offer to the worse-off and especially those who financially depend on creditors? What role can the criminal law play in hindering aggressive corporate conduct especially in conditions of globalisation?
LSE Law academics conduct cutting edge research on such questions. At this event, four of our experts will share and discuss their work with the audience and offer answers to such pressing questions and offer their insights as to how the law can be employed fairly and effectively to regulate wealth.
Jonathan Fisher (@JFisherQC) is a Visiting Professor in Practice at LSE.
Eva Micheler is Associate Professor in Law at LSE.
Niamh Moloney is Professor of Law at LSE.
Joseph Spooner (@jtspooner) is Assistant Professor of Insolvency Law at LSE.
Emmanuel Melissaris (@EMelissaris) is Associate Professor of Law at LSE.
LSE Law (@lselaw) is an integral part of the School's mission, plays a major role in policy debates & in the education of lawyers and law teachers from around the world.

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