Dr. Laura Peticolas: "Multiverse, Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley...

source:Talks at Google      2016年3月31日
Multiverse at the University of California, Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory seeks to connect with people's sense of wonder. We facilitate making personal ties to science and the learning process in order to, ultimately, bring the richness of diversity to science and make science discovery accessible for all. The Indigenous Education Institute (IEI) was created to preserve, protect, and apply Indigenous knowledge for global solutions in the world today. Our work together within Indigenous and other communities around the world provides an exemplar of how both organizations better achieve their missions via partnership. Multiverse and IEI, along with additional partners, work with people from multiple cultures to tailor science learning to fit within their own cultural values, language, and world views. We envision a world filled with science literate societies capable of thriving with today's technology, while maintaining a sustainable balance with the natural world; a world where people develop and sustain the ability to think critically using observation and evidence and participate authentically in scientific endeavors; a world where people see themselves and their culture within the scientific enterprise, and understand science within the context that we are all under one sky and on one Earth.

Other guest speakers:
Drs. Nancy Maryboy, and David Begay
Indigenous Education Institute

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