Daniel Walkowitz--New York City: A Social History

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source: New York University    2010年10月12日/上次更新:2014年5月17日
Open Ed: Daniel Walkowitz, New York City: A Social History

New York City Real and Imagined 1:08:16
Establishment of a Dutch colonial imperial commercial base 1:05:15
The myth and realities of the diversity and tolerance narrative 1:13:35
The English sweet tooth and the New York slave trade, 1690 - 1725 1:14:25
The origins of Homeland Security, the Zenger Affair and the "Negro Riot of 1741" 1:17:02
Life in pre-Revolutionary New York for the poor and the Yankee Doodle Dandies 1:13:31
On the nature of the revolution in the Tory city 1:11:38
Growth - why sewing machines and entrepreneurs are more important than the war 1:16:41
Fear in the bustling metropolis - disease, fires, urban squalor 1:16:12
The naming of things and the presentness of the past 1:18:06
Reform - Lady Bountifuls, Presyterianism and the Dangerous Classes 1:11:52
African Americans in antebellum New York and New York abolitionism 1:17:57
The Draft Riot of 1863 48:18
Push and pull - Divers New Immigrants and the cash value of racism 1:13:52
Industrialization of everyday life and work 1:17:50
Conservative reform and the New York bourgeoisie in Gilded Age New York 1:09:38
Transit, 1830-1950. Manure, money and malfeasance 1:13:26
The making of Greenwich Village and Harlem - Alternative New Yorks, 1900-1930 1:15:43
Progressive reform - how and why Bobos helped hobos learn to fish 1:06:13
Making the Socialist Republic of New York City in the New Deal City 49:42
Postwar Cold War New York City and the challenges to New York as a "labor city" 1:16:26
Fleeing the Fifties. The geography of race, poverty and settlement 55:03
Race and the struggle for social justice in the Sixties 1:12:44
Backlash - spatial and ethnic urban political realignments 1:12:20
Multicultural New York at the end of the 20th century 26:56
Neo-Liberal New York 1:12:38

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