Topics in String Theory (Winter 2011) Leonard Susskind / Stanford U

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In this Winter course, Leonard Susskind continues his exploration of string theory.
In particular, the course focuses on string theory with
regard to important issues in contemporary physics.
Topics include: 1) the impact of string theory on
the pursuit of black holes; 2) the string theory landscape
and the implications for cosmology; and 3) the
Holographic Principle and its applications.
This course was originally presented in the Stanford Continuing Studies Program.
Professor Susskind's Book, "The Theoretical Minimum" now available:

Lecture 1 | Topics in String Theory 1:34:28
Lecture 2 | Topics in String Theory 1:34:38
Lecture 3 | Topics in String Theory 1:40:51
Lecture 4 | Topics in String Theory 1:36:10
Lecture 5 | Topics in String Theory 1:29:31
Lecture 6 | Topics in String Theory 1:00:23
Lecture 7 | Topics in String Theory 1:42:17
Lecture 8 | Topics in String Theory 1:44:26
Lecture 9 | Topics in String Theory 2:05:56