String Theory and M-Theory 2010 (Leonard Susskind / Stanford U)

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String theory (with its close relative, M-theory) is the
basis for the most ambitious theories of the physical
world. It has profoundly influenced our understanding of gravity, cosmology, and particle physics. In this course we will develop the basic theoretical and mathematical ideas, including the string-theoretic origin of gravity, the theory of extra dimensions of space, the connection between strings and black holes, the "landscape" of string theory, and the holographic principle.

Lecture 1 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:46:55
Lecture 2 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:48:07
Lecture 3 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:45:47
Lecture 4 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:23:37
Lecture 5 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:40:49
Lecture 6 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:24:24
Lecture 7 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:22:30
Lecture 8 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:44:26
Lecture 9 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:55:56
Lecture 10 | String Theory and M-Theory 1:47:49