The Future of Human Health (Stanford University)

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source: Stanford     Last updated on 2014年9月22日
Learn about the frontiers of human health from seven of Stanford's most innovative faculty members. Inspired by a format used at the TED Conference (http://www.ted.com), each speaker delivers a highly engaging talk in just 10-20 minutes about his or her research. Learn about Stanford's newest and most exciting discoveries in neuroscience, bioengineering, brain imaging, psychology, and more.

Building a Circuit-Diagram for the Brain (Jennifer Raymond, Stanford U) 12:35
Understanding Blindness and the Brain (Brian Wandell, Stanford U 11:10
Brain-Computer Interfaces (Krishna Shenoy, Stanford U) 14:12
Controlling the Brain with Light (Karl Deisseroth, Stanford U) 18:34
Googling the Brain on a Chip (Kwabena Boahen, Stanford U) 8:55
Visualizing Desire (Brian Knutson, Stanford U) 12:10
Deafness: Emerging Strategies for a Cure (Stefan Heller, Stanford U) 14:21
Stanford Medicine Celebrates TedMed 2014 4:18