Capital Punishment: Race, Poverty, & Disadvantage with Stephen Bright at Yale University

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This course explores the imposition of the death penalty in the United States with particular attention to the influence of race and poverty, and the disadvantages of mental illness or intellectual disability of those facing death. Utilizing decisions of the Supreme Court and other courts, transcripts, articles, interviews with people involved in the cases, and other materials, it examines both the legal and practical aspects of capital punishment, including the role of the prosecutor, defense lawyer, judge, and jury; the evidence to be considered; the procedures employed; and the fairness of its application.
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Introduction and Death Penalty History (s1a) 21:06
Illustrative Case: The Case of Rickey Ray Rector (s1b) 28:15
Death Penalty History (s1c) 22:46
Thurgood Marshall’s Defense of Death Penalty Cases (s1d) 27:21
Challenges to the Death Penalty Leading to it Being Declared Unconstitutional (s2a) 45:00
The Court's 1976 Cases (s2b) 41:30
Proportionality – Part I (s3a) 18:39
Proportionality – Part II (s3b) 27:07
Aggravating Factors (s3c) 22:02
Future Dangerousness (s3d) 23:13
Mitigation (s4a) 22:29
Interview of Susan Marcus (s4b) 21:09
Victim Impact Evidence (s4c) 19:10
Student Discussion: Victim Impact Evidence (s4d) 25:10
Appellate and Post-Conviction Review (s5a) 26:43
Prosecutorial Discretion (s6a) 26:46
Plea Bargaining (s6b) 23:25
Disclosure (s6c) 19:59
Interview of John Thompson (s6d) 34:24
The Sixth Amendment, Equal Protection and Due Process (s7a) 16:53
Effective Assistance of Counsel (s7b) 31:02
Experts and Counsel in Post-Conviction Review (s7c) 26:55
Interview of Derwyn Bunton (s7d) 16:44
Interview of Steven Singer (s7e) 36:35
The Right to an Impartial Judge (s8a) 33:58
Interview of Penny White (s8b) 18:36
Jury Selection (s9a) 41:43
Peremptory Strikes (s9b) 32:54
Interview of Sia Sanneh (s9c) 33:16
Interview of Marla Sandys (s9d) 22:37
McCleskey v. Kemp (s10a) 37:03
Guest Lecture by Bryan Stevenson (s10b) 22:35
Interview with Henderson Hill – North Carolina Racial Justice Act (s10c) 40:23
Interview of William Neal Moore (s11a) 33:42
Mental Health Issues (s12a) 36:57
Competency After Death Imposed (s12b) 28:20
Innocence (s13a) 28:53
Clemency (s13b) 21:52
Execution (s13c) 12:15
Perspectives (s13d) 17:49