Vernon Bogdanor--Political History - Political Crises Since 1945

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source: GreshamCollege        2015年9月25日
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1:04:39 The National Health Service Crisis, 1951
Professor Bogdanor explains how the NHS and The Korean War caused near civil war on the Labour Party that created it: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
The NHS had been established by the post-war Labour government in 1948. By 1951, there were already heavy pressures on health spending. In addition, after the Korean War broke out in 1950, Britain decided to rearm. In his budget, the Chancellor, Hugh Gaitskell, sought to balance his budget by imposing charges on false teeth and spectacles. Two cabinet ministers resigned in protest – Aneurin Bevan, architect of the health service, and Harold Wilson, the future Prime Minister. The crisis provoked a running battle between Left and Right in the Labour Party which lasted for over forty years.
1:18:33 The Suez Crisis of 1956
1:04:06 The IMF Crisis of 1976
1:06:36 The Falklands War, 1982
1:09:02 Leaving the ERM, 1992
1:11:00 The Iraq War, 2003

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