History - The First World War: 100th Anniversary Lectures

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source: GreshamCollege       2014年10月2日
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 Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 - Christopher Clark
This lecture explores new ways of understanding the crisis that brought war to Europe in the summer of 1914; reflects on some of the problems of interpretation that have dogged the debate over the war's origins; and considers the contemporary resonance of a catastrophe that is now nearly a century old.
57:34 The Military History of the First World War: An Overview and Analysis - Professor David Stevenson
42:31 The Long Shadow: The Great War and International Memory, 1914-2014 - Professor David Reynolds 
 Politics and the First World War - Professor Sir Richard Evans 
50:38 War, Health and Medicine: The medical lessons of World War I - Professor Mark Harrison

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