Carolyn Roberts--Environment - Green Complexity: Science, Innovation and Society (2014-15)

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source: GreshamCollege          2014年10月27日
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 Greenness and UK Environmental Challenges
An introduction to the wicked mix of environmental problems that the is faced in the UK, and a hint as to where their solutions might lie. http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
The world faces environmental challenges from global to local levels. Well-rehearsed but impenetrable issues, include the increased likelihood of damage to life and infrastructure from climate change; carbon management policies for governments; increasing levels of poverty and hunger associated with growing populations; and, potentially, mass movement of environmental migrants.
58:14 Greenness in Business and the City 
 Educationally 'Green' 
55:51 Professionally 'Green'  
 Locally 'Green': Does it Make a Difference?  
 A Green and Pleasant Land?

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