Christopher Hogwood--Music - Aspects of Authenticity

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source: GreshamCollege      2011年8月12日
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49:46 The Past is a Foreign Country
In its passage from manuscript composition to audible performance, a musical work passes through the hands of editors, teachers, interpreters, recording engineers and many others, all of whom make decisions, often based on personal choices, and have to satisfy the tastes and needs of a changing public. With over a century of recorded sound as evidence, we can now assess the options and expectations of the modern performer, and measure these against the evidence available to the interpreter today, and the range of choices to be made. 
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 Classical Music: Fakes, Completions and the Art of Borrowing 
 The Authenticity of Genius - Christopher Hogwood with players from the Royal Academy of Music  
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 From Printed Page to Performance - Christopher Hogwood, Emma Kirkby and Jakob Lindberg

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