Key Movements: The Age of Jazz (Fall 2017) with Teodross Avery

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source: csuDHTVlive      2017年8月28日
HUM312 Key Movements: The Age of Jazz (Fall 2017) with Teodross Avery
The Age of Jazz explores the social, cultural, and historical turbulence of 1920's America with a focus on the ways jazz aesthetics in music, literature, and the arts both influenced and reflected new ways of thinking about American identity that would lead to the Civil Rights Era and beyond. Society’s heated debates about jazz, with its roots in African American culture and
shaped by mainstream consumerism, technological innovation, and social and economic conditions, reveal deep concerns over race, class, gender, and American identity. Primary sources include original recordings of Jazz and popular musics of the early 20th century, and poetry, literature, and slides of artwork.

Duke Ellington: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=1m34s
Louis Armstrong: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=4m20s
The Great Migration: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=5m46s
Flapper: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=7:29
New Negro: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=9m20s
The Blues: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=11m26s
Ragtime: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=12m42s
Tin Pan Alley: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=13m24s
Musical Theater: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4t?=14m36s
Langston Hughes: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=18m17s
Zora Neale Hurston: https://youtu.be/8AN6pHvbwd4?t=20m06s

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