Alister McGrath - Are Science and Faith at War?

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source: GreshamCollege       2017年10月30日
Science and religious faith are two of the most important elements of western culture. Yet the authority of both is under threat in our pragmatic culture, which emphasises relevance over truth.
So what is their relationship? Are they permanently locked in warfare? Or are there ways of encouraging a positive and enriching dialogue?
Drawing on the latest scholarship in the field, Professor McGrath moves us on from many of the outdated stereotypes to open up some new possibilities.
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56:09 Are Science and Faith at War? -
51:35 Watching the Heavens: Astronomy and the Meaning of Life
54:35 The Clockwork God: Isaac Newton and the Mechanical Universe
53:18 If Humans Are So Great, Why is the World Such a Mess?
55:57 Are We Lost in the Cosmos?

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