[lectures in English] 微積分基礎課程 Pre-Calculus (English)--王夏聲 / 交大

source: NCTU OCW    2017年12月15日
課程資訊: http://ocw.nctu.edu.tw/course_detail....
The purpose of this crash course is to give a condensed and unified review of high school mathematics that will be used frequently in a regular calculus course. (This course is taught in English.)

1:08:11 Lecture 1 Fundamentals:Part I
1:16:59 Lecture 2 Fundamentals:Part II
38:49 Lecture 3 Plane Geometry
1:34:06 Lec 04 Functions
35:05 Lecture 5 Exponential and Logarithm Functions
1:10:05 Lec 06 Trigonometry:Part I
1:06:15 Lecture 7 Trigonometry:Part II
43:08 Lec 08 Sequences and Series
48:08 Lec 09 Graphs and Curves

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