Fall 2017 Programs (from Yale University Art Gallery)

source: Yale University Art Gallery     2018年1月13日
The Gallery offers a variety of lectures, panel discussions, and talks that place our collection and exhibitions in the broader context of history and culture. Speakers include curators, scholars, artists, critics, writers, and others engaged with the world of art and ideas. Programs range from lectures for a general audience to symposia with a scholarly focus. Concerts, film screenings, dramatic performances, and literary readings connect the art on view at the Gallery with other forms of expression. Master classes provide an opportunity to explore works of art in an intimate classroom setting with a curator, educator, or guest scholar.
Please check our online calendar for a full listing of lectures and other events http://artgallery.yale.edu/programs-archive

20:40 Highlights from: Barikan: A Wayang Ritual Drama with Gamelan and Shadow Puppets
2:17:29 Barikan: A Wayang Ritual Drama with Gamelan and Shadow Puppets
1:07:03 At Edward Hopper’s Doorstep
1:16:24 Experiments at the Intersection of Art, Law and Innovation
1:01:38 Joseph Stella and the View from Brooklyn
51:10 Albert Bierstadt Follows the Sun
53:01 Sanford Gifford Creates “Darkness Visible”
1:23:51 An-My Lê and Peter van Agtmael
1:01:03 Frederic Church in the Maine Wilderness
10 1:05:51 Thomas Cole’s Catskills
11 1:00:34 Changing Times, Changing Tastes: Collecting American Art from the 1950s to Today
12 1:08:26 A Withdrawal from Appearance: Modernism and Exile in the 20th Century
13 1:11:40 The Heart Is a Muscle

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