Koopman Analysis by Steve L. Brunton

source: Steve Brunton    2015年10月22日

31:31 Koopman Observable Subspaces & Finite Linear Representations of Nonlinear Dynamics for Control--
This video illustrates the use of the Koopman operator to simulate and control a nonlinear dynamical system using a linear dynamical system on an observable subspace.
From the Paper:
Koopman observable subspaces and finite linear representations of nonlinear dynamical systems for control
by Steven L. Brunton, Bingni W. Brunton, Joshua L. Proctor, and J. Nathan Kutz
For more details, see our papers:
4:38 Koopman Observable Subspaces & Nonlinearization
10:18 Koopman Operator Optimal Control
30:35 Compressed Sensing and Dynamic Mode Decomposition
47:07 Hankel Alternative View of Koopman (HAVOK) Analysis [FULL]
22:41 Hankel Alternative View of Koopman (HAVOK) Analysis [SHORT]
9:39 Magnetic field reversal and Measles outbreaks: HAVOK models of chaos
5:27 Linear model for chaotic Lorenz system [HAVOK]

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