Applications in the Natural Sciences and Physical Systems

source: Simons Institute          2018年2月26日
We are entering an era of real-time discovery and inference from instruments such as astronomical telescopes, light sources, high-energy physics particle trackers, brain-machine interfaces, earthquake detectors and environmental sensors. Increasingly, however, such inferences from large volumes of complex data must be acted on with very little or no human cognition in the loop due to the real-time requirements of the experiment or feedback from the observations. This workshop will explore the computational requirements of such applications, with particular emphasis on new techniques for handling these challenges including workflow design, machine learning and novel computational architectures.
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These presentations were supported in part by an award from the Simons Foundation.

1:09:03 Alert Streams in the LSST Era: Challenges and Opportunities
1:07:53 Machine Learning for Time-Domain Astrophysics
1:06:43 Gravitational-Wave Astronomy with Advanced LIGO: Detections, Implications, and Future Prospects
1:03:15 Real-Time Response to Understand Our Dynamic Sky
54:28 Towards Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Spatio-Temporal Features: Blob-Filaments...
1:03:45 SPOT Suite: Scalable, Autonomous Data Management and Scientific Workflows for X-Ray Light Sources
1:05:39 Data Analytics for Free Electron Lasers
54:07 Quantum Pattern Recognition in High Energy Physics
1:04:20 "Real-time” Decisions at LHC Experiments: Discussion Points on...
10 49:44 Accelerating Data Collection and Processing at the Large Hadron Collider
11 1:02:08 The NOAA Warn-on-Forecast Program
12 1:16:35 Optimizing Robot Action Around and For People
13 1:05:31 High Performance Computing Solutions for Real-World Transportation Systems Understanding
14 1:01:19 Incentives and Games in Large Scale Mobility
15 51:36 The Challenge of Accurate, Fast Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Simulations
16 1:05:47 Designing Astronomical Projects for Real-Time Discovery, Operational Efficiency, and...
17 1:03:01 The Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS)
18 1:08:51 Tsunami Forecast: Connecting Science with Warning Operations
19 1:06:53 Automating Data Collection for Functional Genomics

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