Year 9 Maths by Norman J Wildberger

source: njwildberger      2015年5月7日
This series is aimed at Year 9 Maths students, primarily in Australia, but also beyond. The new Australian national curriculum in mathematics introduces new challenges for both students and teachers. I am aiming for a leisurely but concise overview of this curriculum, starting with a review of arithmetic with integers, fractions and decimal numbers. This series will have practice problems for students to do as they go along. It may be viewed in sequence, or dipped into for individual topics. Comments and suggestions by high school teachers are particularly valued: send me your feedback please!

34:49 10: Scientific notation II
47:31 9: Scientific notation I
30:56 8: Arithmetic and practice problems with index laws
27:50 7: Index laws, powers of 10 and negative exponents
35:36 6: Index laws and powers of 2
45:19 5: Review of arithmetic with decimals II
37:44 4: Review of decimal arithmetic I
48:14 3: Review of arithmetic with fractions II
43:45 2: Review of arithmetic with fractions I
40:42 1: Review of integer arithmetic

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