Elementary Mathematics (K-6) Explained by Norman J Wildberger

source: njwildberger   2017年2月28日
Feel like learning mathematics from the ground up? Here is your chance: K-6 mathematics explained intuitively but accurately in a novel way by a professional pure mathematician. We employ a step by step intuitive explanation of the main conceptual hurdles that young children meet when they start to learn mathematics.

10:44 0: Introduction
54:58 Counting using the grid plane
46:55 Arithmetic with rectangles
31:27 Number systems throughout history
42:16 The Hindu-Arabic number system
40:46 Laws of arithmetic using geometry
30:20 Fun with polyominoes
35:45 Addition and the names of numbers
24:41 Addition in practice
23:15 Multiples, and more names of numbers
26:16 Word problems using addition
35:41 Elementary projective (line) geometry
32:33 Pappus and Pascal
43:23 Logical reasoning with tic-tac-toe
26:58 The multiplication table
25:30 More multiplication: The 10x10 table
41:51 Some tricks to help with multiplication
26:27 Area problems using multiplication
30:00 The time scale of a human life
31:24 An introduction to measuring

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