Women and Public Policy Program | Harvard Kennedy School

source: Harvard University      2017年10月16日

1:19:41 Discussing Diversity with Ashley Martin
1:17:34 Fathers and Work Family Balance
1:12:54 Quotas Matter: The Impact of Gender Quota Laws on Work-Family Policies with Ana Catalano Weeks
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1:17:15 Linking Non-Cognitive Skills & Educational Achievement to Girls in Developing Societies.
1:14:36 How to Elect More Women: Gender and Candidate Success in a Field Experiment
1:19:35 Consequences of Value Threat
1:02:31 The Right to Rule and the Rights of Women in Victorian Britain
1:16:30 Blurring the Boundaries Between the Social and Commercial Sectors
10 1:17:24 Protection from Gender Violence as a Civil Right
11 1:03:09 The Long-run Effect of Maternity Leave Benefits on Mental Health: Evidence from European Countries
12 1:09:12 Can Professionally-employed Mothers Have It All?
13 1:20:57 Laboratory Evidence of the Effects of Sponsorship on the Competitive Preferences of Men and Women
14 1:19:34 Designing Symbolic Awards to Motivate Knowledge Workers in Gender-Typed Fields
15 1:17:49 The Girls of War in 1914 and 2014: The Evolution of the Protection Racket
16 1:18:43 The Influence of Decision Contexts and Role Models on Women's Risk Preference
17 1:13:18 The Biases that Blind Us: How Gender Stereotypes Constrain Opportunities for Women in STEM
18 1:16:46 Reserving Time for Daddy: The Short- and Long-Term Consequences of Fathers' Quotas
19 1:15:47 What Works: Gender Equality, By Design
20 1:11:33 Cross-National Effects of Non-Traditional Gender Role Models on Gender Inequalities at Work and Home
21 1:14:55 Competing At All Costs: Dysfunctional Competition and Gender
22 1:15:56 Women's Career Negotiations
23 1:14:45 All-Female Contingents on the Front Lines of Peace and Conflict
24 1:16:07 From Sexual Harassment to Selective Mistreatment: The Regulation of Gender at Work
25 1:15:04 Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity
26 1:14:20 Gender and Ethnicity in Parliamentary Representation
27 1:15:01 Feminism Triumphant and Tamed: The Politics of Knowledge in Gender and Development
28 1:12:10 Rebel Queens and Black Diamonds: Gender Politics in African Armed Groups, and more upcoming events
29 1:13:44 Progress and Policies to Achieve Gender Equality in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship
30 56:11 Risk in the background: How Men and Women Respond
31 1:14:58 Sarah Iqbal, Program Manager for Women, Business and the Law, The World Bank
32 1:20:33 The Work-Family Narrative as a Social Defense: Explaining the Persistence of Gender Inequality
33 1:13:32 Diversity on a Deadline: How We Created Everyone's 2012 Olympics | WAPPP
34 18:58 Broken Homes and Broken Promises: Making the Case for Comprehensive Domestic Violence Policy Reform
35 1:12:00 Lowest-Low Fertility: A Theory of Normative Rigidity and Economic Context | WAPPP
36 1:13:21 WAPPP Seminar: Social Perception at the Crossroads
37 56:05 Gender Equality in Elected Office: Applying the Six Step Action Plan to the Egyptian case
38 48:45 WAPPP Seminar: Gender Equality Nudges
39 18:43 Gender Equality: The Smart Thing To Do
40 7:52 Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School
41 2:04 Iris Bohnet on Gender Gaps in the Workplace
42 1:11:14 Item Title: Women, Business and the Law 2012: Removing Barriers to Economic Inclusion 
43 1:05:53 Shortchanged: Understanding the Women's Wealth Gap
44 1:19:37 Gender Differences in Willingness to Guess and the Implications for Test Scores
45 1:07:54 Educational Choices and Subjective Expectations of Returns - Woman and Public Policy Program
46 1:19:50 WAPPP Seminar: A Transatlantic Perspective on the Strauss Kahn Affair, French Feminism Reexamined
47 1:10:01 Entrepreneurial Women? Exploring the Role of Gender in Short-Term and Long-Term Entrepreneurship

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