The Arts and Humanities: Endangered Species?

source: CRASSH Cambridge        2012年12月4日
Over the course of one morning, ten eminent speakers from across the Arts and Humanities offered a seven-minute perspective on their relationship to the Arts and Humanities, both professionally and personally. The event was introduced by Professor Michael Kenny, recent Visiting Fellow at CRASSH, whose research - What are Universities for? Interrogating the Assumptions of Current and Future Higher Education Policy in the UK - informed the debate.

7:51 Richard Drayton
6:27 Raymond Geuss
8:45 Fenella Cannell
5:57 Stefan Collini
7:30 Simon Szreter
6:51 Martin Crowley
7:41 Peter de Bolla
7:18 Julia Swindells
11:17 Mary Jacobus
10 10:44 Georgina Born
11 8:43 Jen Harvie
12 21:49 Michael Kenny

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