Old Babylonian Mathematics by Norman J Wildberger & Daniel Mansfield

source: njwildberger     2017年10月3日
Old Babylonian Mathematics and Plimpton 322
A series on the remarkable mathematics from the Old Babylonian period from 1900 B.C.E to 1600 B.C.E. This culture had a rich mathematics that we are just now learning more and more about. Their sexagesimal arithmetical system is powerful and unique, but there were other aspects to their mathematics that are well worth learning about.
This series is presented by Daniel Mansfield and N J Wildberger. One of the main aims is to explain our new understanding of the famous tablet Plimpton 322 as the world's first and most exact trigonometric table! Along the way we will learn quite a bit about this culture and its mathematical thinking.

17:58 : A new perspective (introduction)
26:28 The remarkable OB sexagesimal system
18:49 Geometry in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt 
20:50 A new understanding of the OB tablet Plimpton 322
19:50 How did the OB scribe construct P322?

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