Math Seminars presented by Norman J Wildberger and others

source: njwildberger    2017年5月13日
This series consists of mathematical seminars presented by N J Wildberger and perhaps also seminars by colleagues. It will be aimed at undergraduate math majors, PhD students, mathematicians and physicists. Most but not all of these will have been presented to the School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW Sydney.

51:55 Seminar: Five-fold symmetry, Schiffler points and the twisted icosahedron 
46:25 Infinities and Skepticism in Mathematics: Steve Patterson interviews N J Wildberger
1:13:36 Primes, Complexity and Computation: How Big Number theory resolves the Goldbach Conjecture
4:32 Primes, Complexity and Computation: How Big Number theory resolves the Goldbach Conjecture
30:26 Teaching connections between Algebra and Geometry II
31:31 Teaching connections between Algebra and Geometry I: a MANSW presentation
51:42 A Socratic look at logical weaknesses in modern pure mathematics
42:58 Infinity: does it exist?? A debate with James Franklin and N J Wildberger
53:13 Bats, echolocation, and a Newtonian view of Einstein's Special Relativity
10 59:13 The Geometry of Relativity and why your GPS works
11 55:31 Towards a more computational mathematics: rational trigonometry and new foundations for geometry
12 50:25 Rational trigonometry, generalized triangle geometry and four-fold incenter symmetry
13 48:49 National Curriculum issues and opportunities for revitalizing geometry thinking in the classroom
14 58:39 Three dimensional geometry, ZOME, and the elusive tetrahedron
15 51:17 Hyperbolic Geometry is Projective Relativistic Geometry (full lecture)
16 1:05:17 Triangle Geometry Old and New: An introduction to Hyperbolic Triangle Geometry

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