Number Theory (Spring 2015) by James Cook at Liberty University

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source: James Cook      2015年2月24日
Number Theory of 2015
These lectures are from my first attempt at teaching number theory in the Spring 2015 semester at Liberty University. We used Stillwell's Elements of Number Theory text. We covered most of the book, with the exception of a couple technical results.

Number Theory: Pell's Equation part 1 59:51 Pell's equation roughly from Stillwell, part 2 at end has a bit about what is on Test 1
pell eqn lecture part 2 20:53
The great inequality 0:10
Lecture 10 1:19:52
Lecture 11, Gaussian Integers Applied 51:16
Lecture 12 1:11:01
rotations and quaternions 10:33
Four Square Theorem conclusion 1:00:44
Lecture 15 1:11:04
Lecture 16 1:13:40
Rings and Algebraic Integers part 1 I claim there are "just 6 units" possible in the integers of quadratic imaginary fields. Notice I missed i and -i so I'm wrong! There are 8.  1:15:03
Lecture from 4-14-2015 1:11:38
Lecture from 4-16-2015 1:14:02
Lecture from 4-21-205 1:12:26
guest lecture on 4-11-17 on quaternions and algebraic integers 59:51
guest lecture, 4-11-17 15:31

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