Theology II by Gerry Breshears

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source: Pilgrim Seminary     2016年10月13日
CTH 411 "Theology II" by Gerry Breshears
About Pilgrim Theological Seminary: Welcome to Pilgrim Theological Seminary. Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable, and easily accessible theological education to those who live in or visit coastal South Carolina and to people around the world through our distance education program.(www.pilgrimseminary.org) About this lecture: This is the first lecture for the Theology II (CTH 411) course. Dr. Breshears discusses the deity of Christ as outlined in the Bible, New and Old Testaments. About the professor: In addition to his three decades of educational ministry at Western Seminary, Dr. Breshears has taught at numerous Bible colleges and seminaries around the world, such as Lebanon, Ukraine, Netherlands, Taiwan, Poland, Canada, and the Philippines. He has also been published in numerous magazines and scholarly journals, including the Journal of Psychology & Theology and Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Dr. Breshears is also the former president of the Evangelical Theological Society and continues to serve on the regional executive committee of that organization. He has appeared on various radio and television programs numerous times. Dr. Breshears serves as a preaching elder at Grace Community Church. He and his wife, Sherry, have been married since 1968, have two sons, one daughter, and are enjoying their season of life as grandparents. A special thanks to Dr. Gerry Breshears and Western Seminary in Oregon for their assistance and contribution to PTS.

Lecture 1: The Deity of Christ 29:58
Lecture 2: The Humanity of Christ 29:26
Lecture 5: The Work of Christ Part 2 30:29
Lecture 6: The Holy Spirit Part 1 20:36
Lecture 7: The Holy Spirit Part 2 26:00
Lecture 3: The Unity and Incarnation of Christ 22:34
Lecture 8: Issues Regarding the Holy Spirit 22:34
Lecture 9: Concepts of Salvation 24:48
Lecture 10: Salvation through Grace 25:48
Lecture 11: Subjective Salvation Part 1 22:14
Lecture 14: Objective Salvation Part 2 23:53
Lecture 12: Subjective Salvation Part 2 21:15
Lecture 13: Objective Salvation Part 1 18:19
Lecture 15: Completion of Salvation Part 1 17:14
Lecture 16: Completion of Salvation Part 2 31:55
Lecture 17: The Nature of the Church 19:04
Lecture 18: The Role and Government of the Church Part 1 16:58
Lecture 19: The Role and Government of the Church Part 2 16:30
Lecture 20: Ordinances of the Church Part 1 17:55
Lecture 21: Ordinances of the Church Part 2 21:52
Lecture 22: Eschatology- Matters of Death and the Soul 29:12
Lecture 23: The Second Coming of Christ 15:40
Lecture 24: The Tribulation 17:51
Lecture 25: Eternity 26:48

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