The Wonders of Ancient Egypt Tour

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source: The Oriental Institute     2017年1月10日

Nadine Moeller and Gregory Marouard | The Origins of Two Provincial Capitals in Upper Egypt 1:04:36
Presented by Nadine Moeller, Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, Oriental Institute (and Gregory Marouard, Research Associate, Oriental Institute)
The Origins of Two Provincial Capitals in Upper Egypt: The Two Sister-Sites of Tell Edfu and Dendara
The ongoing fieldwork at Tell Edfu has recently focused on the excavation of a settlement quarter dating to the 3rd millennium BCE which pushes back the origins of the town of Edfu to the 4th Dynasty (ca. 2550 BCE). The newest addition to the Oriental Institute’s fieldwork program in Egypt, at the ancient provincial capital of Dendara, has also led to new insights into the oldest settlement remains and the original foundation of this city. This lecture will provide an overview of the most recent results from both sites offering a comparative perspective on the long-term development of early urban centers in southern Egypt. The fieldwork at Dendara takes place under the concession of the IFAO and is part of a larger collaboration between the IFAO, Macquarie University, and the Oriental Institute.
Robert Ritner & Theo van den Hout | The Battle of Kadesh: A Debate 1:16:50
Josef Wegner | The Pharaohs of Anubis-Mountain 1:02:47
Pyramids, Mummies, and Magic: The Search for Immortality in Ancient Egypt 1:03:19
King Tut Unwrapped Ep.1 - part 2 9:59
Egypt - Luxor, Abu Simbel, Aswan in HD 17:23
Luxor Museum and Temple 2:19
Hear Voices from Old Cairo: The Physician Maimonides 2:07
King Tut Unwrapped Ep.1 - part 1 7:36
Ray Johnson Talks About Khonsu Temple 6:15
Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae (UNESCO/NHK) 2:59
25 Fascinating Facts About Egyptian Pyramids You May Not Know 5:22
Günter Dreyer on his excavations at the royal tombs of Abydos 4:25
Decorating and Firing the Predynastic Pot 3:44
Making a Predynastic Egyptian Style Pot 8:34
The Materials and Tools of the Predynastic Egyptian Potter 3:59
Scribes at work 5:52
Egyptian Scribes 3:38
Robert Ritner | A Game of Thrones and Coffins: The Death and Resurrection of Osiris 35:04
Brian Muhs | Death and Taxes in Ancient Egypt 46:11

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