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4:46 The Science of a Selfie Taking photos used to require technical knowledge and time in a lab, but now we have electronic devices in our pockets that do all of the work for us. How do these miracle devices do it?
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4:45 Wallace, Darwin's Forgotten Frenemy Everyone knows the name Charles Darwin, but his lesser known frenemy, Alfred Russel Wallace, was developing a lot of the same ideas around the same time.
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10:28 7 Animals with Super Weird (and Sometimes Horrifying) Teeth Humans don't have interconnected teeth for slicing, or a secondary set of jaws to clamp down on prey already in our mouths, however, the rest of our animal kingdom is full of strange and awesome ad...
2:49 Is Premium Gasoline Really Better for Your Car? Are you slowly killing your car by using below average gas? Olivia talks about octane ratings and how your vehicle is designed to handle them.
Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
4:27 Why Can't My Cat Roar? Only four species in the cat family can roar: lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars. And zoologists are pretty sure those four species can’t purr. But why?
Hosted by: Hank Green
4:21 How Apple Flies Changed the Way We Think of Evolution How does one species evolve into two within the same habitat? Discover the details behind a rare type of evolution: sympatric evolution.
Hosted by: Stefan Chin
2:33 Why Do Glue Labels Warn Not to Sniff It? Abusing inhalants, like glue, can cause serious health problems, and you shouldn't need a video on the internet to tell you that. But let's take a deeper look at why these chemicals are so dangerou...
4:54 French Fries Aren't Really Going To Kill You If you use the internet, you may have read about a nutritional study about the deadliness of fried potatoes. It's a little more complex than that, though. Even if you haven't heard of that one, we'...
16:08 SciShow Quiz Show: Weird Animal Parenting How do adult strawberry poison frogs pass on toxins to their tadpoles? What happens when scientists add iodine to axolotl tanks? Find out, as our How To Adult hosts Rachel Calderon-Navarro, Project...
2:33 How Do Those Rock Sculptures Stay Up? You may have seen rock sculptures seemingly defying physics in your newsfeed, but what's actually happening?
Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
4:17 The Man Who Tried to Give Himself An Ulcer... For Science In 1984, Dr. Barry Marshall had a theory about ulcers that he couldn't convince the science community of. So, he took matters into his own hands... or stomach, and infected himself with a potential...
4:31 How "Flying Death" Has Saved Hundreds of Lives Curare, known as "flying death," was used for centuries to make poisoned arrows. Scientists discovered how to use it to create life saving medical treatments that we still use today.
2:47 Can You Be Allergic To Sunlight? For you, going outside might mean a sunburn if you're out there too long without enough sunscreen, but for some people, any sun exposure can lead to hives and rashes within minutes!
5:42 Are Modern Humans Really Older Than We Thought? Until recently, fossil evidence for modern humans has only gone back 200,000 years. A new discovery in Morocco and thermoluminescence dating may help extend that beyond 300,000 years.
10:10 Your Microbiome and Your Brain We've talked about the trillions of microbes inside you before, but we're learning that these little creatures may have more influence than you thought!
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3:03 Can Hot Tubs Make You Sick? Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to relax your tired body, but it also comes with some microbial risks.
Hosted by: Hank Green----------
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5:36 Why Is My Pee Green? How worried should you be when your urine isn't yellow, but instead it's green, red, or even black?
Hosted by: Hank Green
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5:10 3 Mind-Blowing Recent Dinosaur Discoveries From new insights into how we classify dinosaurs, to the structure of their feathers, to the timeline of their embryonic development, paleontologists are still making cool discoveries all the time!...
2:56 What Causes Runner's High? After a good distance of running, you might have felt a sensation of happiness. That is the runner's high and some chemicals in your body cause it.
Hosted by: Michael Aranda
4:50 The Mystery of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Death Trap Paleontologists think they've solved part of the mystery of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, a dense bed of Jurassic dinosaur fossils. Also, electron microscope images reveal new, mucus-drenche...
20:38 5 Undervalued Scientists: Great Minds Compilation Take some time with us to look back on a few of our episodes about scientists who deserve a little more recognition than they got.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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3:20 Why Are So Many Pro Athletes Lefties? Only 10% of the world is left handed, so why are so many athletes lefties?
Hosted by: Hank Green
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3:33 Is Sugar Alcohol as Awesome as It Sounds? Sugar alcohol sounds like a fun adult dessert, but what is it really?
Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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2:56 Can You Learn Perfect Pitch? Some people can identify a pitch without even looking at sheet music. Is it something they're born with or can it be learned?
Hosted by: Hank Green
5:43 6 of the Coolest New Species Discovered in the Last Year Check out Ms. Spider Hat and five other new species scientists have discovered and classified in the last year!
Hosted by: Hank Green
9:23 7 Amazing Origami-Inspired Inventions Scientists and engineers are taking folding into the future!
Hosted by: Hank Green
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