SPECIAL 7th European congress of Mathematics Berlin 2015.

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source: Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques    2015年8月3日

Gerd Faltings: The category MF in the semistable case 1:03:04
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For smooth schemes the category $MF$ (defined by Fontaine for DVR's) realises the "mysterious functor", and provides natural systems of coeffients for crystalline cohomology. We generalise it to schemes with semistable singularities. The new technical features consist mainly of different methods in commutative algebra.
Recording during the thematic meeting: ''Arithmetic geometry, representation theory and applications'' the June 22, 2015 at the Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (Marseille, France)
Filmmaker: Pascal Vichi Video editing: Guillaume Hennenfent
Interview at CIRM : Peter Scholze 10:55
Ingrid Bauer: Faithful actions of Gal(Q¯/Q) and change of fundamental group 46:01
Peter Scholze: p-adic cohomology of the Lubin-Tate tower 55:21
Salma Kuhlmann: Real closed fields and models of Peano arithmetic 30:40
Ulrike von Luxburg: Statistics on graphs and networks (II) 55:47
Natalia Tronko: Exact conservation laws for gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson equations 55:55
Sven Bachmann: A classification of gapped Hamiltonians in d=1 49:34
Christian Bär: Characteristic initial value problem for wave equations on manifolds 46:16
Peter Scholze: The Witt vector affine Grassmannian 1:02:19
Interview Pavel Exner 15:51
Christian Bär: Characteristic initial value problem for wave equations on manifolds 46:14
Jochen Blath: Genetic variability under the seed bank coalescent 47:45
Jan Bruinier: Classes of Heegner divisors and traces of singular moduli 52:18
Volker Diekert: Recognizable languages are Church-Rosser congruential 42:59
Peter Friz: Some examples of homogenization related rough paths 54:45
Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler: Algebraic curves with many rational points over non-prime finite fields 1:00:38
Jérémy Guéré : Mirror symmetry for singularities 53:32
Marc Levine: The rational motivic sphere spectrum and motivic Serre finiteness 1:06:49
Interview at CIRM : Endre Szemerédi, Abel Prize 2012 25:24
Heinrich Matzat: Braids and Galois groups 1:07:25
Volker Mehrmann : Extended Lagrange spaces and optimal control 59:43
Norbert Müller : Wrapping in exact real arithmetic 59:52
Hermann Schulz-Baldes: Invariants of disordered topological insulators 55:01
Aurélien Tellier: Plant ecology influences population genetics: the role of seed banks in [...] 46:54
Stefan Teufel: Peierls substitution for magnetic Bloch bands 55:04
Stephan Volkwein: POD a-posteriori error estimation for PDE constrained optimization 1:32:07
Tobias Weich: Resonance chains on Schottky surfaces 42:37
Dirk Werner: The Daugavet equation for Lipschitz operators 47:28
Sander Zwegers: Fourier coefficients of meromorphic Jacobi forms 53:23
Endre Szemerédi: Maximum size of a set of integers 36:26

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