Geological Society (videos of May & June 2017)

source: GeologicalSociety
1:01:49 Early Career Geologist Award 2017 Final (3/5/17) Presentations:
• Huw Richards (Early Career Geologist award winner 2017) - Exploring Morocco for Copper & Gold
• Tom Critchfield - Hydrothermal Alteration - Implications on a Hydropower Scheme in G...
1:09:00 Inequality in global earthquake risk today_May 2017_London Lecture Description
This has already been a shocking century for natural disasters, with over half-a-million people killed in earthquakes in Gujarat (2001), Iran (2003), Sumatra (2004), Pakistan (2005), C...
1:09:29 London Lecture: Space rocks, rockets and robots April 17 Exploring our Solar System today and tomorrow
Humans have been fascinated with the night skies since antiquity and have utilised technology to aid in the study of the stars and the planets since t...
1:00:11 London Lecture: Engineering a Dinosaur_March17 Using mechanics and engineering analysis to understand feeding behaviour and skull evolution in dinosaurs and other extinct animals
How fossil animals lived, moved and fed has fascinated sci

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