Renew America: New America's 2017 Annual Conference

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source: New America      2017年5月19日
New America is dedicated to the renewal of American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the digital age through big ideas, technological innovation, next generation politics, and creative engagement with broad audiences.
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The New America Annual Conference is a day-long conference bringing together New America’s network of fellows, thinkers, writers, researchers, technologists, and community activists who believe deeply in the possibility of American renewal.
We’re incubating and cultivating big ideas and talents from our program directors to our fellows who are questioning, challenging, and solving some of tomorrow’s biggest problems. From media literacy to racial justice to the future of work we’re addressing major social, economic, and political challenges in an era of profound, exhilarating, but often threatening change.

Renew America 29:30 ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER President and CEO
In Conversation: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Anne Marie Slaughter 54:16
We the People: Populism vs Pluralism 54:05
A Hard Pill to Swallow: Bridging the Health Care Divide 33:45
Civic Tech for Good 16:01
Past Performance, Future Potential: A Look Back and Ahead at Economics, Racial, and Social Justice 1:23:16
The Future of Us 1:07:42
Closing Remarks 10:03

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