Jean-Morlet Chair - Research Talks - Prasad/Heiermann

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source: Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques     2016年7月4日

Interview at Cirm: Dipendra Prasad 28:37
Jean-Morlet Chair 2016: Cirm is delighted to welcome Dipendra Prasad (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai) and Volker Heiermann (I2M Marseille) for six months.
Five scientific events are scheduled at CIRM between January and June 2016 and a range of worldwide guests will be invited over this period.
More information : http://www.math.tifr.res.in/%7Edprasad/ www.chairejeanmorlet.com
Dipendra Prasad: The local Langlands correspondence: functoriality, L-functions, gamma ... 1:41:58
Omer Offen : The relative trace formula 1:01:45
Omer Offen: Period integrals of automorphic forms 1:06:12
Omer Offen : Distinction by a symmetric subgroup 1:02:04
Omer Offen : Distinction and the geometric lemma 1:03:04
Fiona Murnaghan: Tame relatively supercuspidal representations 1:08:59
James Arthur: Beyond Endoscopy and elliptic terms in the trace formula 1:13:55
Wee Teck Gan: Theta lifts of tempered representations and Langlands parameter 1:01:59
Shou-Wu Zhang: Congruent number problem and BSD conjecture 49:01

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