Modeling on infectious Diseases

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source: matsciencechannel    2016年3月6日

Workshop by Sebastin Funk 1:56:27
Worshop by Vineeta Bal Part A 1:10:31
Worshop by Vineeta Bal Part B 1:13:52
Worshop by Vineeta Bal Part C 59:21
Workshop by Satyajit Rath 57:31
Workshop by Anton Camacho 1:28:11
Worshop by Satyajit Rath 1:27:05
Workshop by Anupama Sharma 51:24
Workshop by Gwen Knight 1:07:49
Workshop by T.Jesan 46:29
Worshop by Sebastian Funk 52:46
Workshop by Edgar Delgado Eckert 54:18
Worshop by Nagasuma Chandra 2:02:21
Workshop by Martin Lopez Garcia 51:09
Workshop by Carmen Molina- Paris 1:02:32
Workshop by S. Pyne 56:51
Participant Seminar V Ravindran 27:42
Workshop by Kaja Abbas 55:09
Economics of Epidemic Planning and Response by Anil Vullikanti 58:03
Mathematicalmodeling HIVviral dynamics&immune response during antiretroviral treatment interruptions 58:28
Computational Biosecurity based immuno-phenome analysis by S. Pyne 1:03:40
On the relaxation of simplifying assumptions in epidemic models: 1:11:26
Modelling disease susceptibility to H1N1 influenza by Nagasuma Chandra 1:05:47
Linkage bacteria to cancer: concepts, efforts and insights by Niyaz Ahmed 53:15
Modeling the pathogen-immune interaction with cure rate by Preeti Dubey 28:10
Attitudes towards vaccination- Population dynamics to Policymaking by Samit Bhattacharya 1:01:36
Analysis of a Sex-structured HIV/AIDS Model with Standard Incidence by S Athithan 17:11
Sepsis by B Ravindran 1:14:54

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