McGill University (videos of June 2017)

source: McGill University
2:01 Alumni Reflections from the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy (SPOT) Thank you to all the alumni, educators, and students who participated in the making of this video.
Produced by Monica Slanik and Mountain Man Media.
2:05 Award for excellence in service Wonderful to see our student affairs administrator receive an award for excellence in service! Well done André Yves Gagnon
Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) Workshop, Monday, June 19, 2017 9:00 ...
53:00 Public panel discussion (english version)-Featuring the mayors of Berlin, Buenos Aires and Montreal “Social and economic development of cities through successful integration of immigrants” : a public panel discussion featuring the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, the Chief of Government...
33:11 Major Announcement on the funding for sustainable agriculture 
1:08:05 Tomlinson Talks 2017 The Tomlinson Talks is a prestigious annual event organized by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to thank Dr. Richard H. Tomlinson for his generous contribution to graduate student research and to ...
13:09 Doctor of Letters honoris causa Marshall Sahlins
2:29:47 Arts B
14:28 Doctor of Laws honoris causa Paul Martin
2:25:16 Education
2:26:17 Arts C
13:18 Doctor of Laws honoris causa Brian Mulroney
13:50 Doctor of Laws honoris causa Reeta Roy
2:17:18 Arts A
15:21 Doctor of Science honoris causa Dr Arthur B McDonald
2:19:52 Science B
11:22 Doctor of Science honoris causa Sir Paul Nurse
2:28:58 Science A
1:25:08 Agriculture and Environmental Sciences-B
1:29:52 Agriculture and Environmental Sciences-A
10:52 Doctor of Science honoris causa Dr Pamela Matson
1:53:33 Law
15:19 Doctor of Laws honoris causa Dr Stephen Toope 
12:39 Doctor of Laws honoris causa Kathleen Katie Taylor
2:36:58 Management
14:06 Doctor of Music honoris causa Dr Beverley Diamond

12:00 Doctor of Science honoris causa Douglas J Cardinal

1:40:29 Music

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