Analytic Theory of Automorphic Forms

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source: matsciencechannel     2013年12月25日

001 Kummer's Conjecture and Related Problems by V. Kumar Murty, University of Toronto 47:20
Kummer's conjecture is about the asymptotic growth of the so-called first factor of the class number of a cyclotomic field. In this talk we discuss some recent progress and discuss related problems involving generalizations and variations.
002 Counting matrices with integer entries, and sublattices of Zm by W. Schmidt, Colorado University 44:51
003 On Polynomial Exponential Equations by H. P. Schlickewei, Philipps-University Marburg 42:18
004 Double Hecke L-series by YoungJu Choie, POSTECH, Korea 31:42
005 Local conditions for the primitive LangTrotter Conjecture by F. Pappalardi 41:41
006 On a property of differential operators on Jacobi forms by B. Ramakrishnan, HRI 42:03
007 Non-vanishing of central values of the Rankin-Selberg L-series by K. Sinha, IISER, Pune 51:21
008 Sign Changes of Fourier coefficients of Siegel cusp forms by W. Kohnen, University of heidelberg 42:09
010 Sub convexity problem for GL(3) L-functions by R. Munshi, TIFR 38:47
011 Some omega results related to the error terms in the averages of arithmetical functions 35:19
012 Ramanujan congruences by M. Manickam, KSOM 41:33
013 On the density of some automatic sequences by J. M. Deshouillers, University Bordeaux 38:41
014 On a conjecture of Fueter & Polya by B. Sury, ISI, Bangaluru 36:30
015 On spectral analogues of strong multiplicity one theorem by C. S. Rajan, TIFR 43:44
016 Gaps between non-zero Fourier coefficients of cusp forms by S. Ganguly, ISI, Kolkata 33:01
017 A remark on Kummer's conjecture by J. J. Urroz 42:48
018 On the degree of certain local L-functions by U. K. Anandavardanan, IIT Bombay. 36:42
019 Characterization of Siegel cusp forms by the growth of their Fourier coefficients by S.Das 32:37
020 On the poles of L-functions associated to automorphic representations by R. Raghunathan, 40:26
021 On the greatest prime factor of ab + 1 by E. Fouvry 42:40
022 Small degree forms, in many variables by S. Prendiville, University of Bristol 27:51
023 Counting integral points in a polytope: a problem in invariant theory by D. Prasad, TIFR 47:59
024 A generalisation of Roth's theorem in primes by G. Prakash, HRI 41:15
025 Shifted multiple Dirichlet series and moments of Rankin-Selberg L-functions by J. Hoffstein 39:57
026 The divisibility of ⌧ (n) by n, and related problems by C. Smyth, Edinburgh University 43:31
027 Special values of automorphic L-functions and congruences by A. Raghuram 42:25

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