When Worlds Collide: The Family and the Law by Jo Delahunty QC (Gresham College)

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source: GreshamCollege    2016年11月30日
Professor Jo Delahunty QC offers an inside perspective of the family justice system and discusses some of the issues family courtrooms deal with http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
Think of family and what comes to mind? At best, a family united by children, love, partnership; At worst: the death of love, divorce, parents feuding over money and children. But what of the situation where the dispute is not between partners but The State and The Family? A child may be removed because professionals fear that they may suffer, no longer protected by parents but at risk from them.
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'Sex, Death and Witchcraft' - What Goes On In The Family Court Room? 44:20
Is One Individual's Radicalism Another's Right to Free Speech 54:25
Crime and Punishment: When Legal Worlds Collide - Ruth Kirby 46:59
Crime and Punishment: 'Guilty until Proven Innocent?' 58:46
Expert Witnesses: a Zero-sum Game? 58:12
'Two Point One Children': Why There Is No Typical Family in the Family Court 53:11

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