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source: The New School    2017年2月22日
Part of the Guest Artist series at School of Drama, The New School (http://newschool.edu).
Through Company Residencies, Workshops and About the Work interviews School of Drama (http://www.newschool.edu/drama) students have significant opportunities to engage and work with a wide and distinguished range of visiting performing artists and creators.

About the Work: David Hyde Pierce | School of Drama 1:06:26
Jeremy Irons 1:11:52
Cherry Jones 1:23:02
Eric Bogosian 56:21
James Lapine 53:15
Billy Crudup 59:37
Adrienne C. Moore 49:02
Donald Margulies 58:36
Daniel Sullivan 53:34
Wallace Shawn & Deborah Eisenberg 57:36
Robyn Goodman 59:02
Lucie Arnaz 1:12:37
Josh Hamilton 1:01:01
Neil LaBute 1:07:03
Mandy Patinkin 58:56
Ethan Hawke 1:00:39
Tonya Pinkins 55:58
Moises Kaufman 51:16
Tommy Kail 1:00:59
Daphne Rubin-Vega 50:53
Holland Taylor 50:56
Dael Orlandersmith 50:01
Cynthia Nixon 1:04:41
Christopher Abbott 52:00
Lisa Kron 56:18
Jason Kim 43:48

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