Warren Lecture (videos of March & April 2017)

source: Warren Lecture
58:07 Warren Lecture Series, April 14, 2017, Wing-Kam Liu, Northwestern University "Self-consistent Clustering Analysis for Data-driven Design of Multiscale Material Systems"
Wing-Kam Liu
Mechanical Engineering & Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University
1:04:54 Warren Lecture Series, April 7, 2017, Tomasz Hueckel, Duke University "Resilience in Geomechanics: assessment of physico-chemical degradation of geo-materials"
Tomasz Hueckel
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Duke University
1:03:25 Warren Lecture Series, March 31, 2017, Menachem Elimelech, Yale University "The Global Challenge for Water Supply: Is Seawater Desalination a Sustainable Solution?"
Menachem Elimelech
Yale University
ABSTRACT: Water scarcity is one of the greatest global crises that w...
54:56 Warren Lecture Series, Mar 24, 2017, Benjamin Klusemann, Leuphana Universitat Luneburg
51:18 Warren Lecture Series, Mar 10, 2017, Diogo Bolster, University of Notre Dame "Incomplete Mixing in Reactive Systems - From Lab to Field Scale"
Diogo Bolster
University of Notre Dame
ABSTRACT:In order for two items to react, they must physically come into contact. In the l...
56:59 Warren Lecture Series, Mar 3, 2017, Fabio D. A. Aarao Reis, Universidade Federal Fluinense

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