stanfordlawschool (videos of April 2017)

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1:13:41 CodeX | Measuring the Temperature and Diversity of the U.S. Regulatory Ecosystem Presented by CodeX—The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
Stanford Law School
April 5, 2017
1:24:14 CodeX | Group Meeting | April 20, 2017 CodeX Group Meeting
April 20, 2017
58:17 CodeX | Group Meeting | March 16, 2017 CodeX Group Meeting
March 16, 2017
1:09:19 CodeX | Group Meeting | April 13, 2017 CodeX Group Meeting
April 13, 2017
53:43 FutureLaw 2017 | FutureLaw @5 Lightning Round Jeanette Eicks, Margaret Hagan, Tony Lai, Judy Perry Martinez, Jim Sandman, Adam Stock
This year, CodeX FutureLaw turns five, and we ask these experts to share their thoughts on the following crit...
27:46 FutureLaw 2017 | The Rise of the Legal Chatbots Joshua Browder, Artem Goldman, Joshua Lenon, Norman Spaulding, Kevin Xu, Andrey Zinoviev
In recent years, chatbots have emerged as useful tools in collecting information and advancing legal soluti...
55:24 FutureLaw 2017 | The Rule Systems Panel Michael Genesereth, Michael Mills, Abhijeet Mohapatra, Harry Surden, Manik Suri, Sarah Thornton
Computational Law is the branch of Legal Informatics concerned with the mechanization of legal analy...
57:51 FutureLaw 2017 | The Perils and Promise of Predictive Analytics in Law Josh Becker, Gipsy Escobar, Daniel Martin Katz, John Nay, and Dera Nevin
Predictive analytics in the law began in areas of high-stakes corporate litigation, such as in the IP or securities law spa...
49:07 FutureLaw 2017 | Gillian Hadfield Keynote Gillian Hadfield, "Rules for a Flat World – Why Humans Invented Law and How to Reinvent It For a Complex Global Economy"
11:54 FutureLaw 2017 | Welcome Dean M. Elizabeth Magill, Roland Vogl, and N

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