NanoBio Node (videos of April 2017)

source: NanoBio Node
39:28 Computational Structural Biology (Emad Tajkhorshid) Light/Matter Interactions at the Nano-Bio Interface Workshop
The Tajkhorshid lab (Computational Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics; CSBMB) is focused on studying membrane prote...
21:09 Physics-Based Preconditioning for a Newton-Krylov Framework... (Brian Weston) "Physics-Based Preconditioning for a Newton-Krylov Framework in a High-Order rDG-based Navier-Stokes Solver"
Brian Weston
"We investigate the preconditioning of an all-speed Navier-Stok...
41:00 Integrated Photonics Technology (Yurii Vlasov) MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
Dr. Yurii Vlasov is a Founder Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is tenured with the departments of Electrical...
14:23 New directions in III-V MBE: from materials to devices (Minjoo Larry Lee) 9/8/2016
MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
Minjoo Larry Lee received the Sc.B. with honors in materials science and engineering from Brown University, Providence, RI in 1998 and the Ph.D. in electr...
11:14 Nano-scale Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Based on Two-dimensional Materials (Wenjuan Zhu) 9/8/2016
MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
12:10 Piezoelectric MEMS Devices for Future RF Front Ends (Songbin Gong) 9/8/2016
MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
Dr. Songbin Gong joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign as an assistant professor in Augu...
59:54 NanoBIO Interfaces (Aleksi Aksimentiev) 11/29/2016
Light/Matter Interactions at the Nano-Bio Interface Workshop
Professor Aksimentiev received his Ph.D in chemistry cum laude from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland, in ...
14:27 Novel applications of 2D materials as atomic membranes (Arend van der Zande) 9/8/2016
MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
8:48 Poster Presentations (MNTL Industry Affiliates Program) 9/8/2016
MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
15:28 Activities of Photonic Systems Laboratory (Lynford Goddard) 9/8/2016
MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
1:00:00 Light/Matter Interactions in Biology (Prashant K Jain) 11/29/2016
Light/Matter Interactions at the Nano-Bio Interface Workshop
Professor Jain received his B.Tech. from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India in 2003 and his Ph.D. in Phys...
41:35 Photonic Integrated Circuit Chips and Modules (Fred Kish) 9/8/2016
MNTL Industry Affiliates Program
For his PhD Frederick Kish Jr. worked under the direction of Professor Nick Holonyak Jr. His dissertation work is part of the core Al-bearing III-V native...
21:01 Epigenetics With Semiconductor Nanotechnology (Aditya Sarathy) DNA methylation is an epigenetic modification involving the addition of a methyl group to DNA, which is heavily involved in gene expression and regulation, thereby critical to the progression of di...
12:04 Interphase Chemical Mapping Of Carbon Fiber-epoxy Composites... (Chris Montgomery) "Interphase Chemical Mapping Of Carbon Fiber-epoxy Composites By Afm-ir Spectroscopy"
The properties and performance of carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites are highly influenced by t...

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