Refined Invariants in Geometry, Topology, and String Theory

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source: LeonhardEuler1     2014年8月22日
Talks from the "Refined Invariants in Geometry, Topology, and String Theory" workshop held at Banff in June of 2013. The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here: http://www.birs.ca/events/2013/5-day-workshops/13w5134/vi...

Andrei Okounkov, M-theory and DT-theory I 1:10:17
Sheldon Katz, Equivariant Stable Pair Invariants and Refined BPS Indices 1:05:24
Dominic Joyce, Categorification of Donaldson–Thomas Theory Using Perverse Sheaves 59:59
Zheng Hua, Spin Structure on Moduli Space of Sheaves on CY 3-folds 1:03:13
Sven Meinhardt, Motivic DT-invariants of 2-curves 30:51
Andrei Okounkov, M-theory and DT-theory II 54:46
Vivek Shende, Legendrian Knots and Constructible Sheaves 1:07:33
Anatoly Preygel, Higher Structures on Hochschild Invariants of Matrix Factorizations 1:05:50
Andrew Morrison, Asymptotics of 3D Partitions and Refined Invariants 37:53
Alexei Oblomkov, Topology of Planar Curves, Knot Homology and Representation Theory of Cherednik 1:00:59
Luca Migliorini, Support Theorems for Hilbert Schemes of Families of Planar Curves 1:02:57
Ezra Getzler, Derived Stacks 1:04:24
Emmanuel Letellier, Counting of Geometrically Indecomposable.... 1:04:12
Ben Davison, Purity of Critical Cohomology for Graded Potentials and Quantum Cluster Positivity 1:11:55
Vittoria Bussi, On Motivic Vanishing Cycles of Critical Loci 1:01:06
Duiliu Emanuel Diaconescu, Parabolic Refined Invariants and Macdonald Polynomials 1:07:45
Andras Szenes, Equivariant Intersection Theory of Higgs Moduli Spaces 1:11:22
Kai Behrend, Categorification of Lagrangian Intersections via Deformation Quantization 1:11:25
Lotte Hollands, Surface Defects and the Superconformal Index 1:11:47
Vincent Bouchard, Mirror Symmetry for Orbifold Hurwitz Numbers 1:01:16
Dusty Ross, The Gerby Gopakumar–Marino–Vafa Formula 32:26

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