Holography and Applied String Theory

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source: LeonhardEuler1     2014年8月25日
Talks from the "Holography and Applied String Theory" workshop held at Banff in February of 2013. The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here: http://www.birs.ca/events/2013/5-day-workshops/13w5054/vi...

Sean Hartnoll, Transport Without Quasiparticles 29:36
Gordon Semenoff, Holographic Quantum Hall States 31:11
Nick Evans, Simple Holography of the Conformal Window 30:40
Jan Zaanen, Holography and the Emergence of the Fermi Liquid 35:43
Koenrad Schalm, Strongly Coupled Electron Systems from Holography: (Quantum) Birth of AdS Stars 30:11
Andreas Karch, Diffeomorphism Invariance and Non relativistic Holography 35:43
Nabil Iqbal, Friedel Oscillations and Horizon Charge in 1D Holographic Liquids 36:48
Makoto Natsuume, Enhanced Holographic Superconductors? 32:01
Amos Yarom, Anomalies and Hydrodynamics 32:31
Moshe Rozali, Compressible Matter at a Holographic Interface 36:40
Kristan Jensen, Anomaly Inflow and Exact Results at T0 35:02
Marios Petropoulos, Vortices, Cotton Tensor, and Ergodicity from a Holographic Perspective 39:01
Martin Ammon, Properties of Cold Holographic Matter Compressible States in Probe Brane Systems 35:02
Jerome Gauntlett, Superfluids, Stripes, and Metamagnetism in M-theory 28:59
Julian Sonner, Dynamics of Broken Symmetry 34:52
Christopher Herzog, Entanglement Entropy and Temperature 32:07
Elias Kiritsis, The Quantum Critical Landscape of Einstein Maxwell Dialation Theories 31:48
Matthias Kaminski, Hyperscaling Violation on Probe D-Branes 36:35
Carlo Ewerz, Holography for Strongly Coupled Plasmas 32:12
Xi Dong, Resolution of Lifshitz Singularities 31:47
Johanna Erdmenger, Aspects of Universality in Gauge/Gravity Duality 37:47

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