Quantum Field Theory II Lectures (Francois David @ PSI 2011)

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Lectures by Francois David on the second course of quantum field theory, which were given at the Perimeter Institute PSI programme in 2011. This lecture introduces path integration and Euclidean time.
The videos can be found in a few other formats at the Perimeter Institutes website here:
There are also videos from lectures on this topic from 2009 and 2010, as well as quite a few other topics in theoretical physics- check them out.
Perhaps these lectures will provide a nice follow up to the lectures given by David Tong on the first course in quantum field theory, which can be found here:

Quantum Field Theory II Lectures (Francois David @ PSI 2011)
I didn't see any videos here on Youtube covering the topics of this second course on quantum field theory, so I thought I would upload these lectures (given by Francois David in 2011 - NOT my videos! All rights, credit, etc. go to the Perimeter Institute, which can be found at the website linked to below) until I have to time and mastery of the concepts required to be comfortable making my own videos on the topics. All the videos come from, and can be downloaded from in various formats and from previous years, the Perimeter Institute (where these lectures took place) website: http://www.perimeterscholars.org/325.html
Before attacking these topics, it would be wise have first have familiarity with the basics of quantum field theory involving the quantization of the Klein-Gordon equation and the Dirac equation, as well as some knowledge of Feynman diagrams and Feynman rules (in particular those relating to quantum electrodynamics [QED]). Excellent lectures on these topics, given by David Tong of Cambridge at the Perimeter Institute in 2009, can be seen here:

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