General Relativity (Michael Duff @PSI 2012)

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source: LeonhardEuler1     2012年11月25日
Lectures by Mike Duff on general relativity, which were given at the Perimeter Institute PSI program in 2012. This lecture discusses the motivation for Einstein's infamous theory. It provides a comparison of special relativity vs Newtonian gravity.
The videos can be found in a few other formats at the Perimeter Institute's website here: http://www.perimeterscholars.org/398....
There are also videos from lectures on this topic from previous years, as well as quite a few other topics in theoretical physics- check them out.
Viewers should probably have some knowledge of special relativity before watching these, so lectures on a that topic can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC...
As an additional resource, you might want to check out the lectures Stanford has generously posted here on Youtube, given by Leonard Susskind, on general relativity. They can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC...
One final resource is this wonderful series from the Youtube channel viascience: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

General Relativity (Michael Duff @PSI 2012)
General relativity is one of the most important breakthroughs in the history of physics, and a solid understanding of this topic is required for work in essentially any field of modern physics, so I figured that I would be remise if I didn't include some lectures on it here on my channel (and I intend to make my own videos on the subject one day as well).
These lectures were given by Michael Duff, who is the Principal of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Abdus Salam Chair of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. His work involves many aspects of fundamental physics from M-theory to elementary particle theory, from quantum gravity to Kaluza-Klein theory, and supergravity (the latter two of which are discussed in lecture 14).
These lectures were given by Prof. Duff at the 2012/2013 Perimeter Institute PSI program - they are NOT my videos! All rights, credit, etc. go to the Perimeter Institute, which can be found at the website linked to below. Moreover, all the videos can be downloaded from the Perimeter Institute website, in various formats and from previous years: http://www.perimeterscholars.org/398.html
Additionally, there are some excellent lectures on GR by Leonard Susskind which can be found over on Stanford's Channel (I figured a few more wouldn't hurt): http://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC6C8BDEEBA6BDC78D
Before tackling these lectures, you may wish to learn/review the special theory of relativity; for example, here: http://www.youtube.com/course?list=ECD9DDFBDC338226CA
One final resource is this wonderful series from the Youtube channel viascience: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF56602BAC693237E

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