Geometry and Arithmetic

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source: LeonhardEuler1     2014年12月19日
Geometry and Arithmetic: 61st Birthday of Pierre Deligne
Talks from the "Geometry and Arithmetic" conference held at IAS, Princeton in October of 2005 in honor of the 61st birthday of Pierre Deligne. As they put it themselves:
"Pierre Deligne, Professor Emeritus, School of Mathematics. On the occasion of the sixty-first birthday of Pierre Deligne, the School of Mathematics will be hosting a four-day conference, "Geometry and Arithmetic" from October 17 to October 20, 2005.
The objectives of the conference are to bring together scholars from a variety of mathematical fields with a common interest in the methods and ideas that Deligne has introduced into mathematics and to describe some recent advances in different areas of mathematics in a way that is accessible to non-experts from other fields."
The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here:

Andrew Wiles, Curves of Genus One 59:31
Carlos Simpson, On the Notion of λ-connection 1:07:06
Maxim Kontsevich, Noncommutative Motives 1:17:34
Phillip Griffiths, Hodge Theory and Algebraic Cycles 1:01:20
Tomohide Terasoma, Cohomology of Algebroids and Harmonic Shuffle Relation 1:07:16
Yuri Manin, Iterated Shimura Integrals 56:56
Joseph Bernstein, Estimates of Periods of Automorphic Functions and Subconvexity of L-functions 56:00
Alexander Beilinson, Singular Support and the Determinant of Cohomology 1:03:08
George Lusztig, Hecke Algebras with Unequal Parameters 1:02:56
Gérard Laumon, Fundamental Lemma and Equivariant Cohomology 1:03:55
Gerd Faltings, Divisors on the Moduli Space of Bundles 1:14:23
Guy Henniart, On Some Theories of Gauss Sums 1:07:35
Luc Illusie, Nearby Cycles on Bases of Dimension Greater Than 1 1:02:43
Marie-France Vigneras, Towards a p-adic Local Langlands Correspondence for GL(2) 58:25
Ofer Gabber, Finiteness Theorems for Étale Cohomolgy of Excellent (...) 1:05:21

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