The University of Chicago (videos of March 2017)

source: The University of Chicago
1:01:06 Connection Series: Literary Readings by Anne Waldman and Janice Pariat Two celebrated poets Anne Waldman and Janice Pariat read best of their poetry at the UChicago Center in Delhi.CC
41:36 Crisis of Liberal Democracy: Some “Rudolphian” Reflections Honoring the lives and scholarly contributions of Susanne Hoeber Rudolph and Lloyd Rudolph. CC
2:07 Wilco's Glenn Kotche, UChicago's Steven Rings deconstruct music What makes a pop song popular? In their collaborative course at the University of Chicago, Wilco's Glenn Kotche and University of Chicago Associate Professor of Music Steven Rings attempt to answer... CC
0:37 Explore Chicago Discover the global city UChicago calls home—filled with inspiration, innovation, and countless opportunities to explore.
1:38 Chairman's Cup Broomball Game in 360° Crown House and Alper House faced off during the annual Chairman's Cup broomball game on February 17 at the Midway Ice Rink. Alper House won 1-0 to capture its seventh title in a row. CC

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