CRASSH Cambridge (videos of March 2017)

source: CRASSH Cambridge
47:17 Christina Nippert-Eng - Social Camouflage: From Face-to-Face to Digital Deception 23 March 2017
In this talk, Dr Christena Nippert-Eng will present work in the early stages of development, that will be her focus while being a visiting Fellow at CRASSH over the next two weeks. ...
1:05:43 Shehar Bano - Characterization of Internet Censorship from Multiple Perspectives Censorship of online communications threatens principles of openness and freedom of information on which the Internet was founded. In the interest of transparency and accountability, and more broad...
1:26:20 Ute Caumanns - Stalinist Show trials in Eastern Europe A public lecture with Ute Caumanns (University of Düsseldorf)

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