Where Are the Stars? See How Light Pollution Affects Night Skies (Sriram Murali)

source: GoogleTechTalks    2017年2月10日
A Google TechTalk, 2/2/17, presented by Sriram Murali
ABSTRACT: Imagine living under a sky full of stars. Imagine kids growing up passionate about Astronomy. But, thanks to light pollution, we've lost our connection with the rest of the Universe. Most people living in cities have never seen or believe a sky full of stars exist. So, I made a short film (vimeo.com/178841667) exploring the different levels of light pollution to show people that these stars really do exist. It was a huge success. It was featured on National Geographic and made the news in over 40 countries.
The night skies remind us of our place in the Universe; it makes us feel a connection and gives us identity. We owe it to our future generations to preserve this beauty.
In this talk, I'm going to talk about light pollution, the importance of night skies to mankind, why and how I made this movie, my passion for Astronomy and how each one of you can spread the word and make a better tomorrow.
About the speaker: Sriram Murali is a photographer passionate about Astronomy and the night skies.
Link to Carl Sagan video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZHSK...

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