Information processing in biological systems (2016, ICTS)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences      2016年2月16日
URL: https://www.icts.res.in/discussion-me...
DATES: Monday 04 Jan, 2016 - Thursday 07 Jan, 2016
VENUE: ICTS campus, Bangalore
From the level of networks of genes and proteins to the embryonic and neural levels, information at various scales drives biological self-organization. Living systems process this information to an astonishing degree of accuracy and generate the complex patterns of life. Physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and biologists are collaborating extensively to unravel the role of information in biological processes. This discussion meeting aims to focus on recent advances in the general principles of information processing and self-organization in living systems.
Speakers Vijay Balasubramanian, Univ Pennsylvania, USA Upi Bhalla, NCBS-TIFR, India Manoj Gopalakrishnan, TIFR, India Stephan W Grill, BIOTEC, TU-Dresden, Germany Ann M Hermundstad, Univ Pennsylvania, USA Garud Iyengar, Columbia Univ, USA * Gautam I Menon, IMSc, India Sharad Ramanathan, Harvard Univ, USA Madan Rao, NCBS-TIFR, India Guillaume Salbreux, Francis Crick Institute, UK G V Shivashankar, MBI, Singapore Caroline Uhler, MIT, USA
Organising committee Vijay Balasubramanian, Univ Penn Pallab Basu, ICTS Sandeep Krishna, NCBS Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy, ICTS Mukund Thattai, NCBS

Active Forces and Flows that Pattern Organisms by Stephan Grill 1:22:01
An Information Processing view of Reaction Networks by Manoj Gopalkrishnan 1:04:16
More perfect than we imagined: A physicist’s view of life by William Bialek (Lecture 1) 1:50:41
Gene Regulation in Space and Time by Caroline Uhler 1:11:48
The Wisdom of Crowding by Gautam Menon 1:01:36
Statistical mechanics for real biological networks by William Bialek: Turing Lecture (Lecture 2) 2:02:52
Many ways to lose your mind: Dimensions of robustness in noisy ... by Upi Bhalla 1:04:25
Physics of Epithelial Morphogenesis by Guillaume Salbreux 1:03:05
Adaptive Molecular Sensing in the Olfactory and Immune Systems by Vijay Balasubramanian 1:16:33
ptimization principles and information flow in biological networks by William Bialek (Lecture 3) 2:01:37
Patterns in Nature and human Visual Perception by Ann Hermundstad 1:07:27
Nuclear Mechanics of Genome Reprogramming by G V Shivashankar 1:24:39
Mini-course on information by Rajaram Nityananda (Part 1) 45:04
Mini-course on information by Rajaram Nityananda (Part 2) 45:36

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