Introduction to Spiritual Formation - John Coe at Biola University

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source: BiolaUniversity     2012年1月27日
Introduction to Spiritual Formation (TTSF 501), Dr. John Coe
Introductory study of the nature of spiritual theology and formation, which attempts to understand the nature of new life in Christ, the process of formation in the Spirit and the directives for cooperating with His work. Attention is given to the implications of Spiritual Theology for seminary training and classroom experience. Particular attention is given to understanding the implications of life in Christ regarding guilt, shame and legalism as well as the New Covenant ministry of the Spirit in transforming the heart in light of the dynamics of original sin, early relational development and the habits of sin developed over time. Attention is also given to developmental spirituality, how the Spirit transforms the heart over time and how this affects ministries of teaching, preaching and discipleship in the church.

Introduction 28:04
Forming the Spirit 1:41:54
The History of Seminaries and Universities 1:21:35
The Foundations of Seminary 1:51:46
The Basis of Spiritual Theology 1:57:14
The Nature of Growth in Christ, and Original Sin 1:43:51
The Origin of Sin 1:41:13
Reformed View of Original Sin, and Parenting 1:37:06
Spiritual Theology, and the Heart 1:43:59
The Ministry of the Spirit: Part 1 1:51:36
The Ministry of the Spirit: Part 2 1:55:45
Virtue and the Spiritual Discipline 1:36:10

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